What are these tags about?

November 14th, 2012

Tagging is a new feature for members and is gradually being rolled out. This allows members to “tag” you with specific keywords that are relevant to your show. Tags are reviewed before being released and you will have the ability to “block” them if you feel they are inaccurate. Over time, this will greatly improve the accuracy of the categories on the site and the overall experience for members. You will benefit as users will be able to find you in their favorites and by your tags!

Once you start getting tags on your profile, you can manage your tags from your account under the "My Users" > "My Tags" menu.

Tags do not affect your ratings or placement!

You can now save messages

October 17th, 2011​

For each chat area –Paid, Guest, and Free Chat- you can now save messages that you would like to send over and over again. Each chat area will have its own set of messages.

  • 1. There are 2 new icons next to your Send button for each chat area:
  1.   a. Saved Messages - The chat balloon icon can be used to bring up your Saved Messages (only active if you have messages saved).
  2.   b. Save Message - The disk icon is to save a message after you have typed in the chat box.

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  • 2. Saved Messages popup:
  1.   a. The first 5 messages will be saved in the order they are entered. Any additions beyond 5 will appear just below the 5th message.
  2.   b. You can’t edit a saved message but can delete and re-enter.
  3.   c. You can move a saved message up or down in the list by using the arrows.
  4.   d. You can highlight a message you want to send by mousing over it (highlights in light yellow) and clicking it to “Send” it.
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  • 3. You can also have a “Top 5” set of messages that can be easily sent from your title bar:
  1.   a. The first 5 messages saved in your pop up are also displayed in your title bar (only displayed in title bar if saved).
  2.   b. Simply mouse over and click the message to send it.
  3.  c. A tooltip appears to show the beginning of your saved message.
  4.  d. This functionality is also available if you have your chat area minimized.
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  • 4. Other small changes:
  1.   a. Number of users connected is shown in the same place in the title bar but verbiage has been removed and only shows a members icon.
  2.   b. If a member joins your room and you have previously written a note about them, you can simply click directly on the note icon to open the profile (before you had to select / highlight the member and click the profile icon to open it). Member profiles now always default with the Notes tab selected.
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New Improvements to our models area!

August 16th, 2011

Announcing the new and improved models area! Below is a list of improvements made as well as the new features we’ve added. We’ve included screenshots so you can see where each item is found in your chat


A. Private messages – We fixed the private message function so that when you select an individual from the list it will display all chat unique to that user and any private messages.

B. Size of chat windows – Browser window can be re-sized so it is “shorter” than before (chat windows re-size automatically). Be sure not to make it too short especially when in paid if you have your phone enabled as incoming call notifications might get cut off. Window must start large enough to enable this.
C. User chat text color – Now you can globally change the text color of all user chat for each of the chat windows from black to another color via your text control box. If you select to see user fonts, it will display whatever fonts the user selects.
D. Added user sort setting – In Settings tab, sort settings allow different sorts in guest and paid windows for users in your room. Default is member level (see below), then alphabetical.
E. Return to Guest Chat (not pictured) – During that after-paid 30 second countdown, you can immediately return to Guest Chat as soon as you’re ready by clicking the button to do so.
F. Ability to set phone to Exclusive only (not pictured) – We’ve modified the control for the Confidential Phone Service so it is automatically defaulted to be available in Exclusive only when activated. This way users know you have a phone available when viewing your bio or searching for the feature when you are in guest chat. You can opt to select it to be available in any type of paid session.

New functionality:

1. Room Topic – Below the video, we have added the ability for you to have a room topic. If it is set, it will appear at the top of the chat box for all users and not scroll off. You can use it to let users know what you will or won’t do in paid or just to say what’s on your mind for that day. Both the Phone and Cam 2 Cam functionality has been combined in the same area in different tabs.
2. Party Chat – New chat type mode that allows users to see a member list of everyone in the room as well as see each other’s chat messages in guest (and in GOLD Shows). You can make this the default mode if you’d like by going to your Settings tab.
3. *GOLD Show – For those who qualify (see above), a new “group paid” show is available in Party Chat chat mode only. Please note that even if you have GOLD Shows enabled, you must have a good internet connection and powerful enough computer to run a GOLD Show as we are unable to systematically know this. For information on how to set up a GOLD Show, see the “GOLD Show tutorial” which can be launched by clicking on the “?” icon in the show setup popup.
4. Member List – Enhancements have been made to represent if users have spent money specifically with you. If any spending has happened whatsoever, the user will at least be a level 1. Levels increase based on amounts spent in your chat, the higher the level, the more they have spent with you! Also, if a note has been taken for that user, it will be indicated with a note icon. Not pictured is the dark gold font color for those users that are partner site members (if applicable).
5. Audio alerts - You can turn on and off audio alerts as well as specify which alert types to play by using the Alerts icon (bell). A new sound has been added for GOLD sent.

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Webcam Model Jobs

User’s chat window screenshot example:

  1. 1. Room Topic entered
  2. 2. Party Chat enabled (users see each other’s chat)

Annoucing geographic restriction for models!

April 27th, 2011

Our company is pleased to now offer geo-restriction for models. This allows you to block specified areas for your own peace of mind and privacy. You are able to select which Country, City or State (US) you'd like to block from seeing your profile. Additionally, you are able to set up to 5 blocked areas, and edit/remove them as you see fit. Please use this feature carefully as it will impact the volume of users that see you. Restricting any location will remove you from the sort and searches for all non-logged in members. Additionally, any advertising or additional exposure of your profile will also be disabled. If you notice a change in the volume of users in your chat, consider editing your geographic restrictions as they may be too broad and thus limiting your exposure to members. You can select your geographic blocking options by clicking "My geographic restrictions" on your main profile page.